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Our community and young generation are screaming for a radical change and a vision to take on the challenge. At Inspire Dance Company, it is our aspiration to impact others from the inside out, using dance as a medium.

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Veronica Chapp

Inspire Dance Company welcomes Veronica Chapp as our new Artistic Director. Veronica is a well-known and highly respected choreographer, teacher, and performer. She has worked professionally in the United States and Europe.



Trying to decide between Studios?

Since 2009, Inspire Dance Company, LLC has welcomed hundreds of students who have taken dance classes at our school in Sylvania, Ohio. We started out very small, but have become the fastest growing dance school in the area! The Secret to our Success; high expectations, dedication, and commitment, combined with amazing instructors and dance families that work together to help dancers grow as young artists, and be a positive force in our community. Together, we will Change the World through the love of dance one person at a time!

Inspire Dance Company is a place for the V.I.P. We offer a positive learning experience in a 6,000 square foot studio setting that allows children a place to escape to their dreams. Inspire Dance Company presents a broad range of opportunities for students at various levels.

All dance studios are not the same!
As a parent, we realize you have a choice between several different dance schools, which is why we contantly renovate and improve our facilities. In addition, we provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure we are always providing our students and parents with the best experience possible.

We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our studio has been chosen more than any other dance school in Toledo and the surrounding areas. Before you choose, make sure you learn the four things every parent should know before choosing a dance school.

Call us today at (419) 720-9009 or drop by our facility and you will see why more families in the Toledo and Sylvania areas trust us for dance each year more than any other dance studio.